Compliance Training & Issue Reporting

2017-18 Annual Compliance Training

Training is an integral component of HCA’s Compliance Program’s ongoing education efforts and is mandatory for all employees and other designated individuals. Annual Compliance Training is provided to address relevant changes to laws, rules, regulations, HCA’s Code of Conduct, policies and procedures, and HIPAA Privacy and Security regulations.   Select the training course that applies from the options below:

HCA regular, extra-help, temp-help, volunteers, interns and contract employees, including newly hired employees must complete:

Employees of an HCA contracted entity, provider, or vendor must complete:

To improve playback, please close Outlook or other large programs on your computer before you begin. Also, please disable Pop-up Blocker in your browser before starting this training.

More Information

For more information about the Annual Employee Compliance Training or to sign-up for a facilitated/classroom training, call the Office of Compliance at (714) 568-5614.

Issue Reporting

If you see or experience potential misconduct, or if you need guidance on a compliance related issue, you are encouraged to first communicate the issue to your supervisor or manager. You may also contact another supervisor or manager within your chain-of-command, HCA Human Resources, or the Office of Compliance.

Examples of compliance concerns include:

  • Any local, federal or state laws
  • Billing regulations
  • Conflict of interest policies
  • Copyright and software privacy laws
  • Government contract requirements
  • Health, safety and environmental laws
  • Internal accounting controls
  • Patient rights or patient care policies
  • Policies prohibiting disclosure of confidential information

You can also call regarding a legal or ethical concern even if you're not sure there is a problem but encounter a situation that "does not feel right." The following are methods available to you for reporting an issue.


Hotline: (866) 260-5636
Office: (714) 568-5614


Submit a Compliance issue online.
To report an issue concerning a restaurant use the Environmental Health Complaint form.

To report a HIPAA issue, please CLICK HERE


 In Person   Office of Compliance
405 West 5th Street, Ste. 776
Santa Ana, CA 92701

 IMPORTANT NOTE: The toll-free telephone hotline and online reporting services are confidential and can be used anonymously. They are operated 24 hours a day, seven days a week by an outside company, specializing in healthcare related compliance issues. An impartial associate will take down, or review, the information you have provided and will assign your issue a private code that will allow you to follow-up to verify the status of your claim to ensure we have addressed your concerns. All calls and online claims are referred to the Office of Compliance for processing.

Provider Compliance Audit Tool

The Health Care Agency’s Office of Compliance conducts audits of our contracted providers. This video will aid in the understanding of the audits conducted by the Office of Compliance and offer an overview of the audit process and tool.