California Children Services (CCS) HIPAA
Standard Transactions and Code Sets (TCS)

November 10, 2003

To: County of Orange California Children Services (CCS) Providers

Subject: Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) Standard Transactions and Code Sets

The County of Orange CCS program has made a commitment to migrate our automated case management functions to the statewide Childrens Medical Services Network (CMSNet) System. This migration process began on September 23, 2003, when Orange County CCS met with the State to begin the conversion process. The State has provided us with a systems conversion project plan documenting our continuing efforts in partnering with the Department of Health Services (DHS). We began this process in February 2003, will begin conversion activities in January 2004, and anticipate completion by September 2004. Our migration to the State CMSNet system enables us to join the other 56 County CCS programs in a central Statewide CCS system which will allow us to provide improved quality of services to our members. In addition, we will meet our compliance obligations under HIPAA Standard Electronic Health Care Transactions and Uniform National Code Sets.

In the interim, Orange County CCS will continue to accept provider healthcare paper claims after the HIPAA Transaction and Code Set Compliance date of October 16, 2003. For those of our providers who are ready to engage in Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) using the standard HIPAA Transactions and Code Sets, please contact Jody Barrera, HCA HIPAA Coordinator, at (714) 834-4082, for more information on testing and EDI enrollment requirements.


California Children Services

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