Notice of Privacy Practices (NPP)

What is the NPP?
Notice of Privacy Practices (NPP)
This is the document that informs our patients about our privacy practices and their privacy rights.
What does this notice/document include?

The following information needs to be in plain language:

  • How the County may use and disclose private information, including a statement of our legal duties;
  • Patients' rights, including information about how to exercise these rights, and how to complain if rights have been violated;
  • Whom to contact to ask questions and to get more information; and
  • The effective date of the NPP.
When should patients receive the NPP?
Direct treatment providers are required to give the NPP to patients at their first delivery of service. In cases of emergency treatment, it should be provided as soon as is practical.
Who should receive the NPP?

The NPP should be given to:

  • Anyone who asks for it;
  • All new and existing patients, at the time of first delivery of service;
  • Anyone who comes to the County website (it must be and is posted on our website);
  • Anyone who comes to a County clinic (it must be prominently posted at our treatment facilities).
If a prospective patient calls in, do they need to receive an NPP before I can talk to them?
No. You can make an appointment, and then provide the NPP at the first face-to-face meeting. If you actually provide treatment over the phone, the NPP requirement can be met by mailing the NPP to the patient, with the acknowledgement to be signed and mailed back. This mailing must be documented in the patient's file.
How soon do we need to inform patients after we revise the NPP?
When material changes are made, the notice needs to be made available upon request on or after the effective date of the revision and posted in a clear and prominent location at treatment sites for patients to take with them. Health plans have to mail the NPP to individuals covered by the plan within 60 days of material revisions.
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