Juvenile Health Services


The mission of Juvenile Health Services is to provide high quality health care services to minors within the County's juvenile institutional and shelter facilities.

About Us

Juvenile Health Services (JHS), a division of the Health Care Agency's Correctional Health Services, provides medical, nursing, dental, and pharmaceutical services to children and minors housed in Social Services Agency's Orangewood Children and Family Center (OCFC) and the Probation Department's four Juvenile Institutions.

Medical services provided by JHS at the Probation Department's four Juvenile Institutions are accredited by the California Medical Association's Institute for Medical Quality (IMQ). The IMQ accreditation ensures that the medical services provided meets the community standard of care and overall efficiency and protection for the minors, probation staff, and the community at large. The four Institutions are Juvenile Hall, Youth Guidance Center, Youth Leadership Academy, and Joplin Youth Center.

Orangewood Children and Family Center is an Emergency Shelter Home for abused, abandoned, and neglected children operated by SSA with Juvenile Court authority. Orangewood Children and Family Center uses a 21st century cognitive behavioral model to assist youth with social skills while at OCFC. Juvenile Health Services provides medical care screening for all minors brought to OCFC and provides continuing healthcare services while the child resides at OCFC.

The Health Care Agency operates under a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Probation Department and the Social Services Agency (SSA). The roles and responsibilities of each department are specifically outlined in the MOUs which are drafted to help ensure that every minor receives healthcare as prescribed by law, established procedures and the community standard of care.

Juvenile Health Services also has a written contract with local hospitals to provide specialty medical services for minors in the institutions. These services include specialty consultations, treatment services and in-patient care. Juvenile Health Services also has a licensed pharmacy to meet patient needs. Mental Health services are provided by the Health Care Agency's Court Evaluation Guidance Unit (CEGU), a separate program in the Behavior Health Children and Youth Services division.

What We Do

JHS has Registered and Licensed Vocational Nursing staff at all facilities. Physician and Nurse Practitioner coverage is provided Monday-Friday and on an on-call basis. During the intake process, each minor is screened by a nurse and the level of on-going care provided is equivalent to a Community Ambulatory Care Clinic.

If you are aware of a family member minor who is at an Orange County juvenile institution, and you are uncertain whether we are aware of an important medical condition, please contact JHS Administration at (714) 935-7170 Monday through Friday from 8 a.m.- 5 p.m. If this is an urgent after-hours matter, please contact the JHS nursing desk at (714) 935-7160.