About Opportunity Knocks (OK)

College Community Services Opportunity Knocks program offers services that follow the recovery and rehabilitation models of care, which focus on partner's strengths and self-identified goals and objectives. Opportunity Knocks develops a collaborative relationship with partners with serious and persistent mental illnesses, who are involved in the criminal justice system, and who are homeless or at risk of homelessness. It is our hope that the partner's journey to recovery includes finding meaningful roles, developing a healing environment, and finding hope for a positive future.

Tracking participant outcomes is an integral part of the total program as it provides valuable information enabling Opportunity Knocks to continuously tailor services and support to achieve the best possible success for all participants. Three areas of particular importance of data collection for Opportunity Knocks include reducing incidences with the criminal justice system, increasing employment, and aiding in participant's integration back into society and social activities. Data analysis and outcomes assist the program in many areas, including identifying areas of need, analyzing data in an effort to discover connections within the areas of diagnosis, recidivism, housing, employment and education. The program will continue to utilize outcomes as a guide in an effort to provide services that are coordinated, effective, and comprehensive that focuses on participants' strengths and self-identified goals and objectives.

For Adult & Older Adult MHSA Programs and Data information you may contact:

Annette Mugrditchian, LCSW
Division Manager, Adult & Older Adult Programs
at amugrditchian@ochca.com
Anthony Delgado, LCSW
Program Manager II, Adult & Older Adult MHSA FSP Programs
at adelgado@ochca.com