What testing do I need to have done?
  • The UST monitoring system and spill buckets must be tested annually
  • For UST systems that are not programmed for positive shutdown and fail-safe, an annual pipeline integrity test is required
  • For tanks installed prior to July 1, 2003, secondary containment testing (SB 989) is required every 36 months
  • Underground tanks with single-walled components or unique circumstances may require additional testing. Please contact your inspector for guidance

Underground Storage Tank System Testing Intervals

UST System Testing

Required Testing Interval

Annually Every 3 Years After Modifications If Applicable
Monitor System Certification





Leak Detector





Spill Bucket





Secondary Containment1





Tank Integrity





Pipeline Integrity





1Not required on VPH systems.
2Only required for single-walled tanks. Interval depends on monitoring plan.
3For single-walled piping or systems not programmed for positive shutdown and fail safe.

I’ve been told that I need to notify the CUPA prior to testing. What are the notification requirements?

UST owners and/or operators are responsible for notifying Environmental Health (CUPA) of UST testing at least 48 hours prior to testing. This notification allows Environmental Health (CUPA) staff the opportunity to witness the testing. Many testing companies may provide regulatory agency notification as a courtesy service to their clients, but the tank owner and/or operator is ultimately responsible for notification.

Environmental Health (CUPA) accepts notifications via email, fax, and regular mail. Email is preferable, as it allows for easy tracking and reduces paper usage. Confirmation of receipt is provided to all email notifications. Notification may be submitted to any of the following:

The 48-hour requirement does not include weekends and holidays. Failure to notify Environmental Health (CUPA) of UST testing may result in the necessity of a retest.

How soon after the monitoring system certification, spill bucket testing, and/or pipeline integrity testing does the report have to be submitted to Environmental Health (CUPA)?
Within 30 days.
How soon after secondary containment testing does the report have to be submitted to Environmental Health (CUPA)?
Within 30 days.
My testing contractor did not submit the test results/report to Environmental Health (CUPA). Why did I receive a violation?
Testing companies may submit the test results/report to the Environmental Health (CUPA) as a courtesy service to their clients, but the UST owner is ultimately responsible for the timely submittal of test results/reports.
Can you recommend a good testing company or contractor?
Unfortunately, the Environmental Health (CUPA) staff is unable to make recommendations for contractors or designated operators.
How does a testing company notify Environmental Health of a testing event, such as a monitoring system certification or secondary containment testing?
Testing notifications should be emailed to USTNotifications@ochca.com. Notifications can also be made via fax to 714-754-1768 or mailed via USPS. Notifications must be made at least 48 business hours prior to the testing date and time. The notifications should include: site name and address, test date and time, type of test to be conducted, testing company that is performing the test.
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