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Authority & Quality Improvement Services Division (AQIS)

Mission Statement

  • To promote and support the use of quality management principles to improve the quality and delivery of care provided by Behavioral Health Services.
  • To encourage continuous monitoring, modification and enhancement of beneficiary services throughout Behavioral Health Services.
  • To ensure program compliance with all Federal, State and Local regulations

Department Support

Authority & Quality Improvement Services (AQIS), formerly Quality Improvement and Program Compliance (QIPC), is a Behavioral Health Services (BHS) Division that participates in a variety of quality improvement and compliance activities across all divisions (Adult Mental Health Services, Children & Youth Services, Alcohol & Drug Abuse Services) of BHS.

One of AQIS's responsibilities is assisting with implementation of BHS Quality Improvement (QI) plan after its approval by the California Department of Mental Health (DMH). DMH expects BHS to engage in continuous QI activities.

AQIS also has responsibility for implementing Performance Outcome Measures mandated by DMH and coordination of the annual DMH Medi-Cal audit.

The AQIS staff are committed to assisting and supporting each program, department and clinic in its quality improvement and compliance activities.

AQIS Support Teams

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