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HIV Providers

OC In+Care is a newsletter for HIV service providers. The newsletter provides information and resources that will help clinicians provide optimal care for their HIV-positive patients. OC In+Care is a project of the Orange County HIV Quality Management Committee. Subscribe to this newsletter.

Issue 12, Summer 2018

  •  What's the Tea? QualiTEA Improvement

Issue 11, Winter 2018

  • Celebrating 5 years of In+Care newsletters

Issue 10, Summer 2017

  • Mental Health Awareness Month

Issue 9, Winter 2017

  • HIV Advocacy

Issue 8, Summer 2016

  • Orange County HIV Planning Council Committees

Issue 7, Winter 2016

  • Changes to Ryan White Case Management Services
  • Changes to Ryan White Nutrition Services

Issue 6, Summer 2015 

  • Medi-Cal redetermination process
  • Ryan White 90-day "cure" period
  • Important reminders

Issue 5, Winter 2015 

  • Importance of the continuum of care
  • Viral load suppression
  • Important reminders

Issue 4, Summer 2014 

  • Importance of maintaining clients in continuous HIV medical care 
  • How to increase the percentage of those in care?
  • How to provide examples of quality improvement Activities that help clients in care?  

Issue 3, Winter 2014 

  • How does ACA affect patients? 
  • Covered California
  • Office of AIDS-Health Insurance Premium Payment (OA-HIPP)
  • Why should PLWH/A who qualify get insurance? 
  • Affordable Care Act Resources

Issue 1, Winter 2013

  • Orange County In+Care Goals
  • HIV Treatment Guidelines
  • CD4 & Viral Load
  • Orange County FAST FACTS
  • Initiating Treatment

Issue 2, Summer 2013

  • Barriers to Treatment Adherence 
  • Strategies to Treatment Adherence 
  • The Pharmacist's Role
  • Orange County Resources