Orange County Immunization Coalition Meetings


Archived Meetings 

             November 12, 2014

            Topic:                   "All for One, One for All!"
            Presented by:      Pamela Kahn, RN, MPH
                                         Coordinator, Health & Wellness
                                         Center for Healthy Kids & Schools
                                         Orange County Department of Education
            Topic:                    "Flu-Definitely Coming to OC..."
            Presented by:      Jasjit Singh, MD
                                          Pediatric Infections Diseases
                                          Children's Hospital of Orange County

             January 27, 2015

            Topic:                    "Improving Childhood Immunization Rates:  A Comprehensive Clinic-based Approach"
            Presented by:       Albert Chang, MD, MPH
                                           Regional Medical Director, Orange County
                                           Jessica Wright, MPH
                                           Clinical Quality Analyst, Quality Performance Improvement Department
                                           AltaMed Health Services Corporation

             March 11, 2015

            Topic:                    "More About Measles..."
            Presented by:       Jasjit Singh, MD, Associate Medical Director, Pediatric Infectious Diseases
                                          Children's Hospital of Orange County

            Topic:                    "Measles Outbreak in Orange County"
            Presented by:       Matt Zahn, MD, Medical Director, Epidemiology & Assessment
                                          Orange County Health Care Agency

             May 13, 2015

            Topic:                    "The Path to a Sustainable School-located Vaccination (SLV) Model"
            Presented by:       Gale Ivie, MPH, Senior Consultant, SCPMG Administration, Kaiser Permanente 


            July 1, 2015

            Topic:                    "Update:  Travel Health Services and HPV Vaccinations at Community Pharmacies"
            Presented by:       Allison J. DePaul, PharmD, Ralphs Pharmacy


             September 9, 2015 

            Topic:                 Meningococcal Group B Vaccination
            Presented by:    Matt Zahn, MD, Medical Director, Epidemiology, Orange County Health Care Agency

            November 4, 2015     

           Topic:                  Legal Update: SB 277
           Presented by:     Lysa Saltzman, Counsel, Orange County Department of Education


              January 13, 2016   

             Topic:                 Prevention of Perinatal Hepatitis B Transmission-Opportunity for Improvement in OC
             Presented by:    David Núñez, MD, MPH, FAAP, OCHCA Family Health Medical Director

              March 3, 2016   

             Topic:                  Whoop, there it still is: An Update on Pertussis
             Presented by:    Michelle Cheong, MD, MPH, FAAP
                                        Deputy Medical Director, Epidemiology
                                        Physician Specialist, Infectious Disease Preparedness
                                        Orange County Health Care Agency
               May 11, 2016

             Topic:              HPV: A Brief Review and Results from 2 Recent Studies
             Presented by:  Harry Pellman, MD                           
Edinger Medical Group
                                     Clinical Professor of Pediatrics, UCI  

              Topic:               Human Papillomavirus Vaccine
              Presented by:  Bellamay Montesa, PharmD
                                       Karin Kharloubian, PharmD

                                       PGY1 Community Residents
                                       Ralphs Grocery Company

                July 13, 2016

             Topic:              California Immunization Registry (CAIR2) Project Update
             Presented by:  Steve Nickell, PhD                           
Chief, Registry & Assessment Section
                                     Div. of Communicable Disease Control, Center for Infectious Diseases
                                     CA Dept. of Public Health, Immunization Branch
Robyn Davis, MPH
                                     CAIR Training Coordinator/Field services Special Project Coordinator
                                     CA Dept. of Public Health, Immunization Branch  


              Topic:               Flu Update and the LAIV Situation
              Presented by:  Matt Zahn, MD
Medical Director, Epidemiology
                                       Orange County Health Care Agency

                 September 14, 2016

                    Topic:                  Update on Meningococcal Disease and the Southern California Outbreak among Men Who Have Sex with Men
                    Presented by:  Jasjit Singh, MD                           
Associate Director
                                                  CHOC Pediatric Infection Diseases

                    Topic:                 Update on Meningococcal Disease and the Southern California Outbreak among Men Who Have Sex with Men
                    Presented by:  Matt Zahn, MD
Medical Director
                                     Epidemiology and Assessment
                                     Orange County Health Care Agency   

                   November 9, 2016 

Immunization Requirements for California College Students
                    Presented by:  Marc Lerner, MD                           
Medical Officer
                                                  Orange County Department of Education

                   March 8, 2017  
Topic:    Adult Immunization Update: A Focus on Zoster and Pneumococcal Vaccines
                Presented by:  
Mona Marzban, PharmD
                                         PGY1 Community Pharmacy Practice Resident, Ralphs Pharmacy/USC

                  May 10, 2017 

                Topic:  Kindergarten Vaccination Rates in Orange County-Assessing the Impacts of SB277
                Presented by:  David Nunez, MD, MPH, FAAP
Medical Director, Family Health Division
                                         Orange County Health Care Agency

July 12, 2017           

Avoiding Missed Opportunities-Separating Real from Perceived Contraindications to Vaccination
                   Presented by:  Jasjit Singh, MD
Associate Director
                                            CHOC Pediatric Infectious Diseases

November 8, 2017 

Topic:  Supporting the Immunization Needs of Internationally-Born Children 

               Presented by:  Marc Lerner, MD
                                      Medical Professor of Pediatrics, University of California, Irvine

               January 10, 2018

              Topic:  What's New in Chasing Flu 

               Presented by:  Michelle Cheung, MD, MPH, FAAP
Deputy Medical Director, Epidemiology
                                   Physician Specialist, Infectious Disease Preparedness
                                   Health Disaster Management
                                   County of Orange Health Care Agency

              March 14, 2018

              Topic:  Using Quality Improvement Techniques to Increase Immunization Rates in a Community Outpatient Setting

              Presented by: Eric Ball, MD, FAAP
Pediatrician, Southern Orange County Pediatric Associates
                                   Member of the CHOC Children's Primary Care Network
                                   President, American Academy of Pediatrics, Orange County

            May 9, 2018

            Topic:  Community Pharmacy: Identifying and Overcoming Barriers to Vaccinations 

            Presented by:  Nancy Dao, PharmD and Anthony Vo, PharmD
                                   PGY-1 Community-Based Pharmacy Residents

                                   Ralphs Pharmacy, a division of Kroger

          July 11, 2018

          Topic:  Catching the Next Wave: Pertussis in Orange County in 2018

           Presented by:  Matt Zahn, MD 
                                   Medical Director, Epidemiology

                                   Orange County Health Care Agency


           September 12, 2018

           Topic:  Immunizing Vulnerable Children: Special Patients and Their Special Plans 

            Presented by:  Marc Lerner, MD
                                   Clinical Professor of Pediatrics, Rehire
                                   University of California, Irvine

           November 14, 2018 

           Topic:  2018 'Teach Flu a Lesson' (TFAL) School Located Vaccination 

            Presented by:  Minyong Kim, MPH
                                   Immunization Quality Team Manager
                                   Kaiser Permanente Orange County

                                    Pamela Kahn, MPH, RN, NCSN
                                    Coordinator, Health and Wellness
                                    Orange County Department of Education

            Topic:  Kindergarten Vaccination Rate in Orange County--2 Years after SB277 Implementation 

            Presented by:  David Nunez, MD, MPH, FAAP
                                   Family Health Medical Director
                                   Orange County Health Care Agency