Kids in Disasters (KIDs) Working Group

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The Kids in Disasters (KIDs) Working Group was officially established as a subcommittee of the Orange County Disabilities Access and Functional Needs (DAFN) Working Group in February 2013.

Are we prepared for our kids?

Children are vulnerable and require additional support during emergency situations, especially when displaced from their parents or guardians.

Get prepared now.

Kids in school / childcare?

  • Review your school’s/child care’s disaster plan.
  • Update your emergency contact list for persons authorized to pick up your child.
  • Build an emergency kit with your children and review your family plan!

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KIDs Mission:

To engage public and private community, government and healthcare organizations and individuals to promote coordinated efforts and partnerships to ensure that the needs of infants and children are met before, during, and after disasters.


  • Identify and share information on Orange County-specific child-focused resources
  • Share information on new and developing policies and standards regarding children in emergencies, best practices supporting child safety and well-being, and initiatives that support children, before, during and after disasters
  • Provide input into Orange County Operational Area and other emergency response plans and annexes to ensure they address children’s comprehensive needs during emergencies
  • Provide training opportunities for organizations, support agencies, and institutions interested in enhancing emergency readiness for children
  • Include organizations providing services to children in emergency preparedness and response exercises.

Upcoming KIDs Meetings and Trainings:  Coming Soon


David Johnson, RN 
HCA/EMS Coordinator