What are Housing Navigation & Sustainability Services?

In June 2016, the Orange County Board of Supervisors approved the Health Care Agency's (HCA) application to the California Department of Health Care Services to implement a Whole Person Care Pilot Program, with additional applications for additional WPC funding in March 2017 (WPC Round Two) and May 2019 (Round Three).

Initially, Housing Navigation and Housing Sustainability Services under Orange County's WPC Pilot Program were only provided to persons struggling with homelessness and living with serious mental illness limiting services to those persons who also qualified for BHS programs funded by Mental Health Services Act.

The WPC Pilot recognized a very real need to also develop this level of assistance for medically fragile persons who are not linked to BHS Programs. Using additional funding approved by DHCS via the WPC Pilot Program, Orange County's WPC Pilot Program expanded Housing Navigation and Housing Sustainability Services to persons who are struggling with homelessness and living with serious mental illness (SMI), as well as extend the provision of these services to persons who do not have a linkage to HCA's Behavioral Health Services (BHS) Programs. These additional and expanded services further support WPC clients experiencing difficulty finding housing, and completing the steps necessary to secure and sustain housing. 

Mainstream Vouchers

In December 2019, The Orange County Housing Authority and the Santa Ana Housing Authority received the U.S. Department of Housing and Development (HUD) funding for housing vouchers targeted for WPC clients. Provision of Housing Navigation and Sustainability Services for those receiving the HUD housing vouchers is a requirement, which further connected these vouchers to WPC's Housing Navigation and Sustainability Services program. 

The Housing Navigators serve as liaisons with various housing authorities and potential landlords. In addition, the Housing Navigators provide the following services to WPC clients: transport or arrange for transportation to potential housing placement appointments; assist with the application process, and ensure deposits are made and that utilities are turned on. The Housing Navigators also ensure that clients have essential furnishings  in their housing placement and coach clients on how to have successful interactions with potential property managers and landlords. The Housing Sustainability workers educate clients on housekeeping issues and such topics as home maintenance, community and independent living skills. Both navigators and sustainability staff provide care coordination and case management for both health and social supportive services. In addition, the Housing Sustainability workers provide case management services to clients with the goal of ensuring their continued permanent housing placement.

For 2021, the contracted Housing Navigation and Sustainability providers are as follows:

Contractor Contact Information

Contractor Address

Orange County Housing Collaborative

Myles A. Peinemann II
Chief Executive Officer
714-897-3221 ext. 101

Midway City
Community Action Partnership Curtis Gibbs
Maribel Sarabia
Cecelia Viveros

Garden Grove

Lutheran Social Services of Southern California Jim Pijloo
Volunteers of America Los Angeles Jim Hlawlek@voala.org
Alfonso Ceja
Los Angeles

Click below to see the list of organizations under "Orange County Housing Collaborative." 

Contractor Contact Information

Contractor Address

American Family Housing

Angela Givens

Midway City
Friendship Shelter Dawn Price
949-494-6928 ext. 229
Analisa Andrus
Laguna Beach
Jamboree Housing Danielle Latteri
Mercy House Living Centers Allison Davenport
714-836-7188 ext. 114
Santa Ana
Orange County United Way Becks Heyhoe

For more information on Housing Navigation & Sustainability Services, please reach out to one of the providers listed above or contact the WPC Program Team at wpc@ochca.com.