What is Recuperative Care (RC)?

So what is recuperative care (RC)? RC provides persons struggling with homelessness and with acute and post-acute medical needs, short-term, authorized stays in a supportive transitional housing setting where they can recover in a safe environment while accessing medical care and other supportive services.

Orange County's recuperative care network, consisting currently of three providers, operates under a social model, providing care coordination, health education, and facilitation of housing readiness and post recuperative care placement. Additional services include linkage to applicable programs and social supportive services for which the client qualifies and may benefit from, such as Supplemental Security Income, Social Security Disability, mental health and/or substance use disorder treatment, primary, specialty, and ancillary care services; as well as assistance in obtaining any necessary forms of identification. 

Admission for Recuperative Care services is dependent on a variety of criteria and medical acuity guidelines. For more information on Recuperative Care Services and admission criteria, please reach out to one of the providers listed below or contact the WPC Program Team at wpc@ochca.com.

PY6 Contracted Recuperative Care Providers

Blue Sky Manor


(714) 844-2667

50 beds

Illumination Foundation Midway City (714) 987-9220

34 beds

Mom's Retreat Anaheim (714) 904-1668

10 beds

Mom's Retreat Fullerton (714) 308-4059 8 beds