WPC Funding

The Orange County Board of Supervisors approved the application for the funding in June 2016, pledging to contribute local matching funds for a total of $23.5 million over five years from Mental Health Services Act dollars, tobacco-settlement funds and County General Funds. In June 2017, HCA was awarded additional funding from the State as part of the approval of our Round 2 application. As a result, the County will receive an increased match in federal dollars, with total spending reaching $31,066,860 over the course of the program.

The Whole Person Care Program funds the following:

  • Expands a community referral network addressing non-medical needs of the population.
  • Brings in the shelter bed providers as WPC participating entities.
  • Recuperative care beds, including some specifically targeted to medically fragile individuals in the shelter programs.
  • Adds homeless outreach and navigation staff to six hospitals and nine community clinics.
  • Adds additional Behavioral Health Outreach and Engagement staff.
  • Dedicates resources to find housing opportunities for persons who are also living with mental illness.
  • Provides peer mentoring services to aid persons living with mental illness to stay in housing once placed.
  • Includes a public health nurse to review recuperative care admissions.
  • Provides funding for the bi-directional, electronic sharing of information between the WPC Care Plan and CalOptima's Care Plan.
  • Provides additional funding for HCA's administrative costs associated with the WPC.