Contract Development & Management (CDM)

If you are interested in receiving notification of Requests for Proposals, please register as a County vendor by accessing the County of Orange Vendor Registration page.

You can also view a list of open bids on the County of Orange online bidding page. The drop down menu on the online bidding page will list "Human Services" if there are open bids for that category. If "Human Services" is not listed on the drop down menu, please try again at a later date.

The Contract Development and Management (CDM) division is responsible for developing, soliciting, negotiating, and administering human services contracts for the County of Orange Health Care Agency (HCA).

The objective is to provide for the fiscal and operational integrity of HCA by utilizing the competitive bidding process to obtain the most cost effective services; providing effective and efficient contract development and administration; and providing oversight of contract services to safeguard the County's financial resources.

CDM currently administers more than 400 contracts, many of which contain multiple funding sources and distinctly different programs. These human services contracts include HIV, public health, behavioral health, medical, and institutional health services. Contract providers include hospitals, clinics, educational institutions, and both for-profit and non-profit community based organizations.

Among the duties of CDM staff are to:

  • Coordinate the Requests for Proposal process to solicit and evaluate, with knowledgeable community members, proposals for services;
  • Negotiate contract terms and amounts;
  • Write contracts using legal form;
  • Monitor contracts and analyze contractor expenditures, revenue, and performance;
  • Provide technical assistance to contractors in the area of budgeting and fiscal management;
  • Coordinate compliance training for all contractors;
  • Authorize payments to contractors; and
  • Make recommendations to terminate or amend contracts.

CDM is a part of team that provides fiscal and administrative services within the Health Care Agency.

Page Last Updated: March 20, 2018