Local Oversight Program

Since April 1988, the State Water Resources Control Board has contracted with the County of Orange to provide regulatory oversight for cleanup of leaking underground storage tanks (USTs) under the Local Oversight Program (LOP) contract. The program services all the cities and unincorporated areas of Orange County except for the cities of Anaheim, Fullerton and Santa Ana.

The Local Oversight Cleanup Program offers: exceptional response time for the review of submitted reports and plans, 48 hours or less for on-site presence of County oversight staff during assessment and remedial operations, and a convenient central Orange County business office location. Our staff are known for the efficient and timely manner in which their cases are handled. The convenience of local agency oversight can help you avoid delays and achieve time objectives for site closure that can minimize your site cleanup expenses.

LOP staff are responsible for:

  • confirming the release
  • identifying and notifying Responsible Parties (RPs)
  • reviewing and approving preliminary site assessment work plans to determine the type and extent of soil and groundwater contamination
  • overseeing assessment activities
  • reviewing assessment reports, quarterly reports, feasibility studies, risk appraisals, and corrective action plans
  • issuing cleanup directives to the RPs
  • overseeing cleanup operations
  • approving and certifying cleanup operations
  • completing all records

The RP shall undertake the following activities to identify the type and extent of the contamination caused by a released waste, initiate appropriate corrective action, and confirm that the corrective action has successfully mitigated the harmful effects of the release:

  1. Site Assessment Work Plan: The site assessment work plan must:
  • define the lateral and vertical extent of contamination
  • determine the depth to groundwater
  • gather soil profile data

The work plan must also include:

  • release site history
  • proposed number and location of soil borings/probes
  • soil samples
  • number and location of proposed groundwater monitoring wells/probes and water samples
  • sampling methodology and laboratory analysis methods
  • a health and safety plan where investigation activities could pose a threat to public health.

This work plan can be implemented immediately after concurrence by LOP staff.

Well permits (see Water Quality) must be obtained prior to beginning exploratory borings and construction of wells. LOP staff can assist in the identification of the appropriate agencies. All borings and abandoned wells must be properly sealed. Wells should be secured to prevent unauthorized access. Drilling procedures and well design and construction must be accomplished in a manner that prevents the spread of contamination, and should be developed by an appropriate registered professional (R.G., C.E.G. or equivalent) with expertise in subsurface investigations.

Reports that include logs of soil borings or any findings or conclusions relating to the subsurface must be signed by a properly registered professional (R.G., C.E.G. or equivalent).

  1. Site Assessment Report and Remedial Action Plan: After completion of the site investigation, a site assessment report must be submitted for review and concurrence. This report outlines the findings of the site assessment.

LOP staff will evaluate site contaminant data provided by the site investigation and discuss site cleanup goals considered protective of public health. Typically, this risk assessment evaluation includes identification of potential exposure pathways (water, air, and direct contact) and quantitative prediction of exposure levels at human receptors. In general, soil cleanup goals for the protection of groundwater resources are not established. Guidance for groundwater cleanup goals are found in the most recent low-risk guidance documents distributed by the Santa Ana and San Diego Regional Water Quality Control Boards (RWQCBs).

Once Environmental Health determines that site assessment is adequate, a corrective action plan, designed to mitigate the harmful effects of the release, will be requested when necessary. The corrective action plan may be included with the site assessment report; however, where Environmental Health staff does not agree that site assessment is complete or that the corrective action plan adequately addresses the site's remedial requirements, a revised site assessment report or a revised remedial action plan will be requested.

For information regarding submittal of work plans and reports, as well as assessment and remediation requirements for your site, please contact the Specialist assigned to your site as outlined below:

City Specialist (click on name to email) Phone (714)
Aliso Viejo Sara Boyer 433-6264
Anaheim (Unincorporated) Sara Boyer 433-6264
Brea Dan Weerasekera 433-6255
Buena Park Dan Weerasekera 433-6255
Costa Mesa Osman Taban 433-6254
Coto De Caza Osman Taban 433-6254
Cypress Dan Weerasekera 433-6255
Dana Point Osman Taban 433-6254
Fountain Valley Shyamala Rajagopal 433-6262
Garden Grove Sara Boyer 433-6264
Huntington Beach Dan Weerasekera 433-6255
Irvine Sara Boyer 433-6264
La Habra Osman Taban 433-6254
La Palma Dan Weerasekera 433-6255
Laguna Beach Dan Weerasekera 433-6255
Laguna Hills Dan Weerasekera 433-6255
Laguna Niguel Dan Weerasekera 433-6255
Laguna Woods Dan Weerasekera 433-6255
Lake Forest Shyamala Rajagopal 433-6262
Los Alamitos Dan Weerasekera 433-6255
Midway City Shyamala Rajagopal 433-6262
Mission Viejo Osman Taban 433-6254
Newport Beach Osman Taban 433-6254
Orange Shyamala Rajagopal 433-6262
Placentia Osman Taban 433-6254
Rancho Santa Margarita Sara Boyer 433-6264
San Clemente Osman Taban 433-6254
San Juan Capistrano Shyamala Rajagopal 433-6262
Santa Ana Dan Weerasekera 433-6262
Seal Beach Osman Taban 433-6254
Stanton Shyamala Rajagopal 433-6262
Sunset Beach Dan Weerasekera 433-6255
Tustin Shyamala Rajagopal 433-6262
Villa Park Shyamala Rajagopal 433-6254
Westminster Sara Boyer 433-6264
Yorba Linda Sara Boyer 433-6264

NOTE: The Specialist assigned to your site must be notified at least 48 hours prior to any soil or groundwater sampling activities so that they may be present at the site when such activities are being conducted.

For non-site specific information regarding the program, please contact the Program Manager, Anthony Martinez, at 714-433-6011 or amartinez@ochca.com.