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The information provided are for those interested in participating at a Community Event in Orange County. Our main goal is to assist food service operators and Event Organizers to operate in a safe and sanitary manner by ensuring compliance with the requirements of the California Retail Food Code (Cal Code), Chapter 11 Cal Code Sections 114335 through 114363. Temporary Food Facilities must also meet all applicable requirements in Cal Code Chapters 1 to 8, inclusive, Chapter 10.5, and Chapter 13, unless specifically exempted.

The California Health and Safety Code, Sections 114381.2, 114387 requires a Temporary Food Facility (TFF) Permit of any person or organization that is providing food at a community event. All food vendors, including permitted restaurants, are required to apply for and obtain a Temporary Food Facility Permit when participating in a community event. A TFF permit is valid for one single food booth, for a specific event, at a site-specific location for a specified period of time. If a vendor is operating more than one booth at an event, a permit must be obtained for each booth location. Separate applications must be submitted in this circumstance. If a food vendor will be operating at more than one event in Orange County on the same day, each location must also be permitted separately. These requirements APPLY to all permit types.

What is a Community Event?

The California Health and Safety Code Section 113755 defines a Community Event as an event conducted for not more than 25 consecutive or nonconsecutive days in a 90-day period that is of civic, political, public, or educational in nature, including state and county fairs, city festivals, circuses, and other public gatherings approved by Environmental Health.

When is an Event Organizer permit required & what are the responsibilities?

The California Health and Safety Code Section 114381.1 states an organizer permit is required when two or more food vendors are participating at a community event. The organizer is responsible for the facilities shared by multiple food booths i.e. restrooms, refuse containers, potable water supply, waste water disposal facilities, shared warewashing sinks.

What is Temporary Food Facility (TFF) permit?

The California Health and Safety Code Section 114381.2 states if you are operating a food facility at a community event you are defined as a Temporary Food Facility. All Food vendors in this category are required to apply, meet requirements and obtain a Temporary Food Facility permit prior to selling or giving away food at an event.

How do I obtain an Event Organizer permit?

Submit an Event Organizer application, a vendor list and site map at least a month or more in advance of the event to allow for review and processing time (state law requires at least two weeks prior to the event). Submit by email to EHSpecialEvents@ochca.com or in person at our office at 1241 E Dyer Rd, Suite120, Santa Ana, CA 92705. Once the Event Organizer application is reviewed and approved, you will be notified to pay the permit fees and pick up the permit at our office. TFF vendors may apply for permits once the Event Organizer application is reviewed and approved. To expedite the permit processing for the event, it is recommended that the Event Organizer submit all TFF application packets for the event.

How do I obtain a TFF permit?

Once Environmental Health (EH) has determined the event qualifies as a community event and the organizer has submitted an Event Organizer application and it is reviewed and approved, then TFF vendor applications and Operational Specification may be submitted by email at EHSpecialEvents@ochca.com or in person at the Environmental Health office located at 1241 E. Dyer Rd, Suite 120, Santa Ana, CA 92705. To allow time for EH to review, process and issue a permit and arrange for staffing at the event, the TFF application packet submittal is needed at least one month in advance of the event. Once the permit application and supporting documentation is reviewed and approved, the Event Organizer and/or TFF vendor will be notified to come to the EH office to pay the permit fees and obtain their permit prior to the event. Due to the number of application submittals this office receives daily, permit applications received less than 3 days prior to the event start date will be considered past due and may not be reviewed and approved in time for your event. Any person who operates a Food Facility without necessary PERMITs to conduct business, including, but not limited to a, PERMIT issued by Environmental Health, In addition to penalties under Article 2 (commencing with Section 114390), violators who operate without the necessary PERMITs shall be subject to closure of the FOOD FACILITY and a penalty not to exceed three times the cost of the PERMIT.

PLEASE NOTE: Some Events may be exempt from health permit fees and/or the requirements of Cal Code. For more detailed information contact us at:

Phone: (714) 433-6080

E-mail: EHSpecialEvents@ochca.com

Special Events Documents

TFF application packet

Event Organizer application packet

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The Health Services Fees until June 30, 2021 are:

Type of Permit Single Event Recurring Event

Event Coordinator



Category I A & B (prepackaged food)



Category II (open food)