Health Policy & Research / HCA Communications

Health Policy & Research and HCA Communications provides technical, communication and decision-making support to Agency management by coordinating planning, legislation, grants, research, and communications. The three service areas within HPC are:

Health Policy & Research

Health Policy supports and promotes the planning and development efforts of HCA. This includes strategic planning, program planning, policy analysis, legislative planning and analysis, and grant search/application activities. Health Policy staff also facilitate interagency collaborative activities that promote the achievement of the HCA mission.

Research supports and coordinates the development and dissemination of accurate information. We consult and collaborate with all divisions of HCA, other County Agencies and a wide range of community organizations. Examples of research activities include:

  • Data Management & Analysis
  • Geographic Information System (GIS) Mapping
  • Program Evaluation/Performance Monitoring
  • Protocol/Study Methodology Reviews
  • Report Writing and Review
  • Statistical Analyses
  • Survey Research

HCA Communications

HCA Communications supports, coordinates and promotes effective communication in presenting the strengths of our organization and its employees in an accurate and timely manner. Examples of communications include:

  • Public Information Officers / Media Liaison
  • Desktop Publishing
  • Print Materials
  • Internet/Intranet Development
  • Multimedia Production  

For more on Health Policy & Research and HCA Communications, see the HCA Employee Intranet Site.