2019-20 Annual Compliance Training

Training is an integral component of HCA's Compliance Program's ongoing education efforts and is mandatory for all employees and other designated individuals. Annual Compliance Training is provided to address relevant changes to laws, rules, regulations, HCA's Code of Conduct, policies and procedures, and HIPAA Privacy and Security regulations. Select the training course that applies from the options below:

HCA Regular Employees must complete the Annual Compliance Training via Eureka, HCA's Learning Management System.

HCA Extra Help, Volunteers, Interns, and Contract Employees must complete the following version. Note: Contract employees personally have a contract with HCA.

Employees of HCA Contracted Providers, Entities, and Vendors must complete the Provider Version. Note: This means you are an employee of a contracted organization, not HCA.

To improve playback, please close Outlook or other large programs on your computer before you begin. Also, please disable Pop-up Blocker in your browser before starting this training.

More Information

For more information about the Annual Employee Compliance Training or to sign-up for a facilitated/classroom training, call the Office of Compliance at (714) 568-5614.