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Orange County Alcohol and Drug Advisory Board Bylaws

Section 1 Name

The name of this body is the ORANGE COUNTY ALCOHOL AND DRUG ADVISORY BOARD hereinafter referred to as the "advisory board."

Section 2 Governing Statue

The advisory board shall be subject to the provisions of the Brown Act (commencing with Section 54950 of the California Government Code), or any successor statutes thereto, relating to meetings of local agencies.

Section 3 Purpose And Goals

The advisory board shall:

(a) Advise the County Alcohol and Drug Program Administrator and the Board of Supervisors on policies and goals for the County alcohol and drug program and on any other related matters the County Alcohol and Drug Program Administrator or the Board of Supervisors refers to the advisory board, or which are raised by the advisory board.

(b) When directed, participate in the negotiated net amount contracting process, as described in Health and Safety Code Sections 11964 et seq. or any successor statutes thereto.

(c) Participate in the review of the alcohol and drug program components of any applicable County Plan(s) and any amendment thereto.

(d) Encourage and educate the community to understand the nature of alcohol and drug abuse problems and encourage support for the development and implementation of effective alcohol and drug programs.

(e) Review the community's alcohol and drug program needs, services, facilities and special programs.

(f) Review governmental program plans and legislation and submit recommendations and comments to the County Alcohol and Drug Program Administrator, when appropriate.

(g) Establish liaison and relationships with other boards, committees, commissions and agencies, as it deems necessary.

(h) Be solely advisory in character and not be delegated any administrative authority or responsibilities.

Section 4 Membership

(a) The advisory board shall be comprised of 15 members appointed by the Board of Supervisors. Members shall have a professional interest in, or personal commitment to advocacy alleviating problems related to alcohol or other drug abuse in their community. Efforts shall be made to ensure that the advisory board is representative of the demographic characteristics of the County, including various economic, social and occupational groups.

(b) The membership may consist of representatives from:

  • Supervisorial districts
  • Education
  • Law Enforcement/Criminal Justice
  • Treatment/Prevention Providers
  • Cultural, ethnic and minority communities
  • Consumers (former clients) of alcohol and drug services
  • For-profit businesses
  • Disabled community
  • Generational diversity: including parents, youth, older persons, to reflect the proportion of these groups in the County.

(c) Each member shall be appointed to a three-year term. No member shall serve more than two consecutive full three-year terms.

(d) In the event that a member ceases to retain the status that qualified him or her for appointment to the advisory board, he or she shall be removed from the advisory board and a new member shall be appointed by the Board of Supervisors to fill the remainder of the term.

(e) A member may be removed by a majority vote of the advisory board. To remove a member, the Chair of the advisory board shall place a motion on the agenda. Reasons for removal include but are not limited to:

  • Missing 3 (three) consecutive meetings without a valid excuse.
  • Disruptive and/or disorderly behavior.
  • Actions contrary to the advisory board's mission.

The member will be notified in writing that the motion for removal is on the agenda for the next meeting.

(f) Unless otherwise provided for, vacancies should be filled in the same manner they were originally appointed. Appointments for members that vacate a position through resignation, dismissal or other unscheduled means are appointed only to complete the vacated term. The Clerk of the Board will post the vacancy at least 10 working days prior to the appointments in compliance with the Maddy Act for posting of unscheduled vacancies.

(g) Members shall receive no compensation for serving on the advisory board. The Board of Supervisors may authorize reimbursement for expenses in accordance with County procedures.

(h) Each member must attend annually the Mandates Training as determined by the Health Care Agency and/or the Clerk of the Board.

Section 5 Meetings

(a) Regular open public meetings shall be held at least ten times per year. Notices must be posted and meetings conducted in accordance with the California Brown Act (Chapter 9, Section 54950, Part 1 Division 2 Title 5 Govt. Code).

(b) Special meetings may be held by giving 48 hours notice to all members at the call of the Chairperson or of a majority of the advisory board membership.

(c) Meetings of the advisory board shall be governed by parliamentary procedure modified to permit the chair to participate freely. Recording or filming meetings shall be permitted but may be halted by the chair if disruptive. Meeting agendas shall include an opportunity for members of the public to address the advisory board on matters within its purview, provided that no action is taken on any item not previously posted.

Section 6 Officers

(a) The advisory board shall elect a chairperson, a first vice-chair and a second vice-chair to serve on a yearly basis, in December of each year. These three officers shall constitute the Executive Committee.

(b) The chair shall be the principal executive officer and official spokesperson for the advisory board. The chair shall carry out the policies of the advisory board and shall strive to promote the advisory board's purposes. In the event of the chairperson's absence the first vice-chair shall conduct meetings and shall act on behalf of the chair. If both the chair and first vice-chair are absent, the second vice-chair shall conduct meetings and act on behalf of the chair.

(c) In the event of the chair's resignation or departure from office, a special election shall be held within four months. The first vice-chair shall act as chair until a new chair is elected. If the first vice-chair leaves this office before his or her term has expired, the second vice-chair shall fill this position. If a second vice-chair leaves office during the year, the advisory board shall appoint a replacement for the remainder of the term.

Section 7 Elections

(a) A nominating committee shall be appointed by the executive committee in October of each year consisting of not less than three members of the advisory board. Executive committee members shall not participate in nominating committee meetings.

(b) The nominating committee shall appoint a committee chair, select a slate of officers for the ensuing year, secure the consent of those nominated, and report back to the board in November.

Section 8 Quorum

One-third of the appointed members of the advisory board shall constitute a quorum.

Section 9 Committees

In addition to the executive committee and the nominating committee, committees may be designated as the advisory board deems necessary.

Section 10 Amendments

A recommendation to amend these bylaws by two-thirds of the members of the advisory board shall be forwarded to the Orange County Board of Supervisors. However, such an amendment will not take effect unless approved by the Board of Supervisors. The Board of Supervisors may amend these bylaws at any time.

Section 11 Effective Date

These bylaws shall become effective immediately upon approval by the Orange County Board of Supervisors.