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About US - HDM

The Health Disaster Management Division (HDM) is part of the Orange County Health Care Agency and coordinates the Agency’s emergency response functions.  The Division contains Emergency Medical Services (EMS) and Preparedness and Planning. 

HDM works to ensure the preparedness of the Health Care Agency to all hazards including bioterrorism, pandemic influenza, natural disaster, and technical emergencies.  EMS ensures the preparedness and coordination the of county wide Emergency Medical Services system.   In a public health emergency, HDM activates the Health Emergency Operations Center to coordinate the activities of the Health Care Agency, the Orange County Operational Area Emergency Operations Center, and the community healthcare sector.  HDM provides training and exercises to ensure the readiness of HCA employees to respond in a crisis.  

Mission Statement

The mission of the Health Disaster Management Division is to effectively plan and prepare for a localized or countywide public health emergency.

The Health Disaster Management (HDM) Division is committed to enhancing HCA's emergency response capabilities and ensuring continuity in Orange County's emergency preparedness.

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