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Walltime Toolkit

A significant concern among emergency medical services and emergency departments across California is ambulance patient offload delays also called walltime or offload delays. Offload delays in Emergency Departments can cause extensive wait times for patients, while also impacting resource availability for hospitals and EMS providers that serve their community for emergency response.

The California Hospital Association and the California Emergency Medical Services Authority in collaboration with stakeholders throughout the state developed the "Toolkit to reduce ambulance patient offload delays in the emergency department" This helpful resource assist providers in identifying strategies to address offload delays. 

The toolkit consist of four chapters:


  • Chapter 1- Quality Improvement Framework
  • Chapter 2- Metrics
  • Chapter 3- Legal & Regulatory FAQs
  • Chapter 4- Survey Findings and Strategies to Mitigate Offload Delays



To access the Walltime Toolkit click on the following link: