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Orange County Immunization Coalition

Immunization Registries – CAIR

Immunization registries are confidential, computerized information systems, which enable providers to track and update the immunization records, assess which vaccinations are due, and identify who should be sent reminder notices among their patients. Immunization registries offer opportunities for providers to have access to the most up-to-date immunization records for their children patients. By utilizing the immunization registries, providers can also work to achieve the goals of decreasing rates of under and/or over-immunization and increasing rates of vaccination coverage within their community.

To implement the immunization registries in Orange County, an internet based computerized database system called the California Automated Immunization Registry (CAIR) application is being utilized.

CAIR is a statewide partnership among counties and cities. By collaborating with these health departments, an effort can be made to best achieve the goal set by the Healthy People 2010, which is to enroll 95% of children from birth through age five in an immunization registry by 2010.

An Immunization registry is a secure computer system storing immunization (shot) records including travel immunization records, if applicable. It can only be used by doctors, hospitals, public health departments and other selected programs. It helps remind you to get your shots on time and stay healthy. California’s Immunization Registry is called CAIR.

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Last Updated: 02/19/2019