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OC Health Improvement Plan

OC Community Health Assessment (CHA) and Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP)

A community health assessment (CHA) refers to a local health assessment that identifies key health needs and issues through the review and analysis of a comprehensive set of data points. These findings can be utilized by the community to then develop and implement a Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP)- a long term strategy to address community identified priority health needs and issues. This plan can be utilized by community members, organizations, hospitals and health systems as well as local leaders to develop programs, policies, and allocate resources to address priority issues.

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Orange County Community Health Assessment (CHA) 2023

Orange County 2023 Community Health Assessment - Comprehensive Summary: Detailed Graphics (August 2023)

Community Health Improvement Planning Scoring Sheet

Thank you all for your participation in the Orange County’s Community Health Assessment (CHA). Prioritization surveys were received from 174 community members and organizations, whose ratings resulted in the selection of the following three health conditions as priority issues for the upcoming 2024-2026 Orange County Community Health Improvement Plan (OCCHIP): Mental Health, Substance Use, and Diabetes/Obesity. Additionally, the following three health determinants were identified as priority issues: Housing/Homelessness, Care Navigation, and Economic Disparities.

The help of community members and organizational staff like you is needed to guide our next steps. In the next few months, we will be working to complete the OCCHIP, with the objective to establish community-based work groups to determine goals, objectives, and key strategies for each of the heath conditions and determinants in order to develop a comprehensive plan to move our communities forward together in the six areas. The work groups are anticipated to run through January 31, 2024 with an anticipated total of five meetings to run two hours each (for a total of 10 hours). The first meeting will be in-person, and decisions regarding the subsequent meetings will be made by the individual work groups.

Included in this posting are two items.

  1. Membership Inquiry Form- if you are interested in joining a work group, please complete the online form via Qualtrics. Responses will be reviewed and compiled to create equitable work groups for each condition and determinant. To access the Membership Inquiry Form, please click on the following link:
  2. Informational Summary - the PDF informational document provides background and references related to the six priority topics identified by the CHA.

Please complete the membership inquiry Form by Close of Business on December 8, 2023.

We are working on having these items translated, which will then be posted on this website.

Thank you for your ongoing support and commitment to improving the health of our shared communities. Your dedication and efforts are very much appreciated.

Almaas Shaikh MD MPH FACS
Deputy Health Officer
Population Health and Equity

Orange County Community Health Improvement Plan 2024-26
In Progress

Participate in developing and implementing OC’s 2024-26 Community Health Improvement Plan.

Future events will be posted at this site once priority topics are identified from the community’s input from CHA completed surveys.

OC Health Improvement Plan 20-22

The 2020-22 Orange County Health Improvement Plan (PDF) was informed by a year-long community health assessment that found that while Orange County’s health, as a whole, continues to fare well compared to other areas, there are some troubling trends and disparities that impact our communities.

The HIP identified that improving health in Orange County requires a close look at the conditions that create health inequities. To that end, two of the six focus areas in this plan address overall system issues: Social Determinants of Health and Access and System Navigation. The remaining four areas highlight health topics identified as the most pressing to work on in the next three years: Health Promotion and Disease Prevention; Mental Health and Substance Use; Older Adult Health; and Sexual Health.

Available Orange County Health Improvement Plans