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PC1210 Programs

California voters approved Proposition 36 on November 7th, 2000. This is known as the Substance Abuse and Crime Prevention Act (SACPA) of 2000. Under SACPA and Penal Code 1210.1 (PC1210), first or second time non-violent adult drug offenders who use, possess or transport illegal drugs for personal use are offered drug treatment rather than incarceration. The program is implemented in collaboration with the Courts, Probation department and the Health Care Agency. The program is designed to preserve jail and prison cells for violent offenders, to enhance public safety by reducing drug-related crime and to improve public health by reducing drug abuse through effective strategies.
PC1210 programs have 3 tracks. Track I consists of Substance Abuse testing and monitored self-help meetings. Track II consists of Outpatient treatment services, Substance Abuse testing and monitored self-help meetings. Track III consists of residential services, and it is considered a voluntary component. What track a defendant goes into depends on the Court’s order and the participant’s progress in the less restrictive track.
Offenders who successfully complete the PC1210 program and all necessary court requirements are entitled to have their case dismissed. Participation is voluntary and funded by the participant.