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Cross-Connection Control and Backflow Testers

What is a Cross-Connection? 

A "cross-connection" is an unprotected actual or potential connection between a potable water system (water that is safe for drinking) and any source or system containing water or other substance that is not safe, wholesome, and fit for human consumption (examples include a cooling system or irrigation system.) 
Backflow testing is a process that is used to test your plumbing system to make sure that drinking water is not being contaminated by dirty water infiltrating the water supply. 


What is the Inspection Process? 

The Environmental Health Division conducts cross-connection control inspections within water users' premises and at recycled water use areas to ensure that the drinking water supply is not connected to potential sources of contamination.  
To report a suspected or known cross connection please call us at (714) 433-6280 or email us at
Click here for a list of Cross Connection Control Specialists for water agencies in Orange County 


Cross Connection Control and Backflow Assembly Tester Certification  

Status: The Testing Lab is open by appointment only. Please email us at for additional information.

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Backflow Prevention Device Tester Certification Guidelines 

Only persons who have demonstrated their competency to the Orange County Environmental Health Division may test backflow prevention devices. No person may test a backflow prevention device in Orange County without certification from Orange County Environmental Health. 

  1. 40-Hour Training Course- To qualify for certification, a person must have attended and passed a backflow device tester's course that is approved by Orange County Environmental Health. The course must provide at least forty hours of instruction covering theory, testing and maintenance of backflow prevention devices, and the applicable laws and regulations relating thereto. Approved tester's courses include, but are not limited to: Santiago Canyon College Water Utilities Science 065, the USC Foundation for Cross Connection Control and Hydraulic Research short course, or other approved community college backflow testing courses or equivalent.
  2. Appointment- The applicant must call (714) 433-6155 to schedule an appointment to obtain and complete a tester's application form and take the certification exam.
  3. Certification Exam- Any person applying for initial certification may be required to pass both a written and a performance (practical) exam. A score of at least 80% must be attained on the written exam in order to qualify for the practical exam. The practical exam consists of correctly testing and troubleshooting a pressure vacuum breaker, a spill-resistant vacuum breaker, a double check valve backflow prevention device, and a reduced pressure principal backflow prevention device with a 1-hour time period. Other backflow prevention devices that are approved in the future by the USC Foundation for Cross Connection Control, the State Department of Health Services and Orange County Environmental Health may also be included in the certification exam. During the practical examination, a test report form must be completed for each device tested.
    1.  The following persons are required to complete and pass the Environmental Health Cross Connection written exam:

      1.       All applicants of the Orange County certification program who have graduated from an approved 40-Hour Training Course, unless they show proof that they have passed an equivalent written exam.
      2.       Persons whose certification expired more than one year ago. If the tester's certification expired more than two year ago, the tester will be required to attend and pass an approved tester's course in order to re-certify.
    2.   If a person has received the American Water Works Association (AWWA) tester or similar certifications within the past 3-months, both the written and practical exams may be waived by Orange County Environmental Health. Application submittal and fees will still apply. 
    3.   An applicant who has current certification in another jurisdiction and has passed an approved backflow prevention device tester's course will be required to take the practical exam only.
    4.   Applicants and testers shall use only the test procedures approved by Orange County Environmental Health. Unless otherwise specified, the test procedures found in the most current edition of the USC Manual of Cross Connection Control will be used.
  4. Fees- The certified tester must pay all applicable fees to Environmental Health prior to testing backflow prevention devices in Orange County. Certification, recertification, and tester list fees are set by the Orange County Board of Supervisors and are subject to change. The fees are based on a two-year certification period.
  5. Recertification- Recertification notices shall be sent by Orange County Environmental Health to the email address on file approximately 30 days prior to expiration. Testers must immediately notify Environmental Health of an address or other contact information change immediately. It is the tester's responsibility to schedule and take their own recertification exam. Recertification consists of the practical test only if the tester is recertifying within one (1) year of their expiration date.
  6. Refresher Class- A tester must have taken an approved refresher class within the time period two (2) years before their recertification date. Orange County Environmental Health offers a free online refresher training.
  7. Code of Conduct- Upon successful completion of the written and/or practical examination, a tester shall agree in writing to comply with all provisions in the most recent Code of Conduct adopted by Environmental Health and the Orange County Cross Connection Control Group. See below for the Code of Conduct provisions.
  8. Tester List- A certified tester may choose to be placed on the list of Orange County certified testers. To be placed on the certified tester list, a tester must be currently certified by Orange County Environmental Health, possess approved test gauge/gauges, and pay the tester's list fee. The County list is organized by city, with testers listed under one city based on the seniority of their tester number. The tester list is organized in this way to facilitate a business' attempt to find testers working in their area. Although a tester may only be listed under one city, he/she may test throughout Orange County.
    Click Here for the Backflow Prevention Device Tester List


General Provisions for Certified Testers

  1. The certification is issued in the name of the tester. It is the responsibility of the tester to comply with all related laws, regulations, and policies. 
  2. The tester certification is valid for a two (2) year period in Orange County only. 
  3. A person is not required to have a State contractor's license to be a certified tester. 
  4. It is the tester's responsibility to ensure that he/she has all required business licenses, contractor's license, insurance, etc., for his/her particular business, as required by State and local laws and/or regulations. State law requires that anyone who contracts to do construction work be licensed by the Contractor's State License Board in the license category in which the contractor is going to be working if the total price of the job is $500 or more (including labor and materials). 
  5. Testers shall maintain their gauges in good repair and have them calibrated/repaired when necessary. Orange County Environmental Health can require repair or calibration of a gauge when necessary. 
  6. Note to certified backflow testers: the County of Orange is now accepting completed backflow test reports only via email. PDF versions of the original documents must be sent via email to When scanning the documents we request that you please separate them by water purveyor. Please save each PDF by "OC TESTER#- device location". 

Violations and Penalties

  1. The Health Officer of Orange County, or his or her designee, may suspend, revoke, or refuse to renew the certificate of a tester, if, after a hearing before the Health Officer, or his or her designee, finds that the tester has practiced fraud or deception or has displayed gross negligence or misconduct in the performance of his or her duties as a certified backflow prevention device tester. 

  2. Any violation of Sections 116800-116820 of the California Health and Safety Code may result in a misdemeanor complaint being filed with the District Attorney. 


Code of Conduct for Backflow Prevention Device Testers Certified in Orange CountyBack flow testers 

  • A tester must have a current tester certification from Orange County Environmental Health (County Health Department) to test backflow prevention devices in Orange County. 
  • A tester must not knowingly falsify the results of backflow device field tests performed by him. 
    - Signing backflow test reports for tests he did not perform. 
    - Making unneeded repairs. 
    - Not having proper backflow certification to perform tests in Orange County. 
    - Not using proper test procedures as established by the Orange County Division of Environmental Health. 
    - Using unauthorized backflow test equipment. 
  • A tester must not remove, replace, or relocate a backflow device without the approval of the water purveyor or the County Health Department. 

  • All backflow device test reports must be submitted to the water purveyor and the County Health Department within 10 days of the initial test, no matter what the result. If there is a specific problem relating to the test or the test report form, the tester must call the water agency or the County Health Department. 

  • All backflow reports must be submitted on approved forms. They must be legible, signed, and contain all appropriate information pertaining to the test. 

  • A tester must attend a backflow prevention device tester update seminar at least once every two years. The seminar must review current test procedures and be approved by Orange County Environmental Health. 

  • It is the tester's responsibility to inform Environmental Health of any changes in their address, phone numbers, etc. You can contact us at (714) 433-6284. 

  • Any tester failing to comply with the provisions of this Code of Conduct is subject to disciplinary action. The results of the action can be the loss of testing privileges in the county or in a water purveyor's jurisdiction. Also, it is a misdemeanor violation to knowingly file a false test report.