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Walking School Bus Program



Did you know that walking to school is one of the easiest ways for students and parents to get daily physical activity?  Plus it’s lots of fun! 

A Walking School Bus is an organized group of students that safely walks to school together with adult supervision. Similar to a carpool, the adult “bus driver” either meets the students at a designated meeting spot or picks them up along the walking route to school. Participants enjoy walking with their friends.

  • The school enjoys less traffic and congestion.
  • Parents concerned about the safety of kids walking alone, now feel safer allowing their kids to walk in supervised groups.
  • Students are energized and ready to learn.
  • Everybody wins!

The Walking School Bus program came about in response to feedback we received from parents. Parents saw the value in walking to school, and wanted their kids to be active, but had safety concerns about their kids walking unsupervised. These concerns ranged from rough housing, to unsafe drivers, to personal safety while walking. 

The Orange County Health Care Agency provides the following support and resources for Walking School Bus programs: 

  • Training to school staff and parent volunteers 

  • Walking School Bus Tool Kit – includes resources for the “bus drivers,” such as reflective vests, whistles, clipboards, water bottles, and backpacks to carry everything 

  • Supplies for students to create customized bus shaped banners 

For information about starting a Walking School Bus program at your school, contact Megan Beard, Safe Routes to School Coordinator at or call (714) 667-8336.

Success Story

Olive Elementary School in Anaheim was the first to use the Walking School Bus Tool Kit to start a Walking School Bus program. The video, created by Anaheim Elementary School District, shows the program in action. 

Page Last Updated: October 30, 2023