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Local Oral Health Program

About Us:

Latino Multi-Generational Family

The Orange County Local Oral Health Program (OC-LOHP) supports the California Oral Health Plan (COHP), which aims to improve the oral health of all Californians.  The COHP identified 6 goals to improve oral health equity, dental health care delivery, and payment systems alignment.

For the latest information and to learn more about how to improve your family’s oral  health, please visit: Smile Habits OC Website



LOHP Priorities:

  • Improving access to and utilization of dental services
  •  Oral health education and public awareness
  •  Integration of dental and medical care
  •  Dental workforce
  •  Data and evaluation
  •  Coordination of countywide efforts




The OC Oral Health Collaborative, also known as the Advisory Committee, convenes every three months to inform, advise, assist, support, and advocate for the mission and vision of the LOHP.  If you have any questions about the LOHP or would like more information regarding the Oral Health Collaborative, you may reach us by email at

The Local Oral Health Program funding was made possible by the enactment of Proposition 56, the California Healthcare, Research and Prevention Tobacco Tax of 2016 which levied an additional $2 tax on tobacco and tobacco products.