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The Orange County Whole Person Care (WPC) Pilot has contracted with Safety Net Connect in order to produce WPC Connect. This electronic system is cued a notification when an eligible individual enrolls in WPC, and the beneficiary’s care plan is created. The system has the capacity to share data from the care plan bi-directionally with CalOptima for ease of access by medical case management staff and a homeless beneficiary’s entire care team. A beneficiary is connected to wraparound, applicable programs and services, which include: recuperative care, coordinated entry into supportive housing, link to a CalOptima personal care coordinator, linkage to mental health and/or substance use disorder treatment, and the Community Referral Network. With the onset of WPC Connect and increased communication across a beneficiary’s Care Team, the OC WPC Pilot anticipates acceleration toward filling gaps in care and a drop of duplication of services.

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