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Existing law authorizes a County Board of Supervisors, by ordinance, to establish a commission to negotiate an exclusive contract with the department to provide or arrange for the provision of, health care services under the Medi-Cal program. This system of services provided by or through a County under these provisions is known as a County-organized health system. This bill would codify those provisions of the enabling ordinance that prescribe the membership composition, the qualifications for individual members, tenure of the members, and the procedure for removing a member of the governing body of the commission established in the County of Orange, known as the Orange County Health Authority.

The Orange County Health Authority shall be vested in a governing body consisting of 10 members: nine voting members and one non-voting member. The non-voting member shall be the Director of the OC Health Care Agency. The nine voting members shall be nominated by the OC Health Care Agency and appointed by a majority vote of the Orange County Board of Supervisors of the County of Orange.

The OC Health Care Agency is pleased to announce that the recruitment is now open for the CalOptima Board of Directors. CalOptima, a County-organized health system, serves more than 840,000 low-income children, adults, seniors and persons with disabilities. CalOptima was formed in 1995 in response to a healthcare system that was struggling to meet the needs of vulnerable Orange County residents. Today, CalOptima has grown to be the single largest health insurer in Orange County, but stayed true to its mission of providing members with access to quality health care services.

To apply for a seat on the CalOptima Board of Directors, please complete and send an application and resume.


  • (1) One person who is an accounting or public finance professional, or an attorney who is an active member of the State Bar.

Notice and Call - Special Meeting of CalOptima Selection Panel

CalOptima Board Members Selection Panel Meeting Agenda

About CalOptima

CalOptima was created by the Orange County Board of Supervisors in 1993 as a County-Organized Health System (COHS). They are a public agency and the largest of six COHS in California. CalOptima manages programs that are funded by the state and federal government, but operates independently, under the leadership of a Board of Directors made up of members, providers, business leaders and local government representatives. CalOptima is the single largest health insurer in Orange County, providing coverage for one in four residents through four programs, Medi-Cal, OneCare Connect, OneCare and PACE.

The CalOptima Board of Directors meets monthly, typically on the first Thursday of every month. There are no meetings in January or July.

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