Epidemiology & Assessment

The Epidemiology and Assessment unit’s medical directors, public health nurses, and epidemiologists investigate individual cases and outbreaks of reported communicable disease (see List of Reportable Diseases) per the State of California Code of Regulations. We monitor disease trends, and often provide current statistics and other information to doctors, hospitals, the public and news media. For more information or CD reporting 24/7 call 714-834-8180.

For questions or comments, please email epi@ochca.com.

Latest News & Health Advisories

CD News Flash Newsletter Volume 3January 10, 2018
Influenza Activity Still High in Orange County
The Orange County Health Care Agency continues to receive large numbers of reports of influenza, including severe cases (less than 65 years of age who were hospitalized in intensive care or who died), and outbreaks. Circulating viruses are mainly influenza A H3N2 which has been associated with increased hospitalizations and lower vaccine effectiveness in past seasons.

Eye on Influenza 2017-18 Vol 3Dec. 29, 2017
Sharp Increase in Influenza Activity in Orange County
Orange County has received a large number of influenza reports in the past week, in conjunction with increases in activity nationally.

Eye on Influenza 2017-18 Vol 2December 22, 2017
Influenza activity is increasing! Orange County has had an increase in influenza reports in the past week and we are hearing about increases in activity nationally. Vaccination is recommended for all persons 6 months of age and older as it can prevent serious illness, medical visits and hospitalizations.

Eye on Influenza 2017-18 Vol 1November 9, 2017
Orange County has reported its first influenza-associated death of the season in a person less than 65 years of age. The decedent was a previously healthy toddler who was not vaccinated this season. All persons 6 months of age and older are recommended to get influenza vaccine annually. Influenza vaccine is readily available at numerous locations throughout the county; see www.ochealthinfo.com/phs/about/family/flu for more information.

Hepatitis A Outbreaks in Homeless and Illicit Drug User Populations in CaliforniaNovember 8, 2017
San Diego, Santa Cruz, and Los Angeles Counties are experiencing Hepatitis A outbreaks primarily in their homeless and illicit drug user populations. San Diego County currently has 544 cases of Hepatitis A, including 20 deaths, Santa Cruz County has reported 76, and Los Angeles County has reported 15 cases.

For more information on the multi-jurisdiction outbreak: