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Communicable Disease Control Division

WHO WE ARE: The HCA Public Health Services Communicable Disease Control Division works to prevent and control the spread of infectious diseases in our community. We work with local healthcare providers, government agencies, and community partners to identify outbreaks of disease and develop strategies to limit their further spread. California's legal code also mandates the reporting of certain diseases. For more information, please see the links below.   

WHAT WE DO: Our team monitors disease surveillance data and provides clinical and epidemiological guidance to residents, healthcare providers, and the broader community. In addition, we may also assist with diagnosis, treatment, and preventative services such as vaccination and prophylactic treatment when needed.  

Together we can prevent and control the spread of communicable diseases. 

CONTACT US: For more information or CD reporting 24/7 call 714-834-8180, you can also email us at

California Code of Regulations, Title 17, Section 2500, mandates that certain communicable and non-communicable diseases/conditions be reported to the local health department using specified methods and time frames. The List of Mandated Reportable Diseases in Orange County, which summarizes disease reporting requirements for providers, may be downloaded from this website and freely copied. In addition, clinical laboratories serving California residents are mandated to report specific clinical positive results according to the List of Laboratory Reportable Diseases.