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Burial Permit Instructions for the General Public

Burial Permits are required by California law prior to the disposition of human remains such as burial, cremation, or scattering of cremated remains.  Permits may be obtained through any California licensed funeral establishment or by applying in person at our office.

Pursuant to Health and Safety Codes (H&SC) 7501 and 103060, the person having the right to control the disposition may apply for the Permit.  This person is specified in Health and Safety Code (H&SC) 7100 in the order named:

  • Agent under a power of attorney for health care who has the right of disposition
  • Spouse
  • Adult child of the decedent
  • Parent of the decedent
  • Adult sibling of the decedent
  • Adult person in the next degrees of kinship
  • A conservator of the person appointed
  • A conservator of the estate
  • The public administrator

Obtaining a Burial Permit in person:

      1.  Schedule an appointment by calling 714-480-6700 or by emailing Plan for a 30 minute wait time for processing.

      2.   The applicant must bring a valid government-issued photo identification.

      3.   Provide a copy of the official death certificate or previously authorized permit.

      4.   The fee for each Permit is $12.00 and is accepted by cash, check, cashier’s check, money order, and credit/debit card.

      5.   The Permit is issued the same day.

 Obtaining a Burial Permit by mail:

      1.   Allow 3 weeks for processing and mail time to receive the Permit.

      2.   Mail the following items

  • Copy of the official death certificate or the previously authorized permit.
  • Legible copy of the applicant’s valid government-issued photo identification
  • Payment in the form of check, cashier’s check, or money order payable to OCHCA in the amount of $12.00 for each Permit needed
  • Stamped, self-addressed envelope
  • Cover letter addressed to PERMIT ISSUANCE.  Indicate the final place of disposition such as the cemetery name and address or the sea scattering location.  Provide your contact phone number or email address.

      3.   Mail all Items to:

            County of Orange Health Care Agency
            Office of Vital Records
            Attention:  PERMIT ISSUANCE
          200 W. Santa Ana Blvd., Suite 100-B
          Santa Ana, CA 92701


Contact us at (714) 480-6700 or by email at with any Disposition Permit questions.