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EMS Procedures


EMS Procedures - Sections


First Responder Procedures

PR           Title                                                                                                                                               Updated

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BLS Procedures

PR              Title                                                                                                                                   Updated
B-001Pediatric Assessment Triangle08/19/2019
B-002Glasgow Coma Scale (Score) ***CURRENT***04/01/2019
B-002Glasgow Coma Scale (Score) ***UPCOMING 10/01/2024***04/01/2024
B-005Spinal Motion Restriction (SMR)04/01/2017
B-005PSpinal Motion Restriction (SMR) - Pediatric04/01/2017
B-009Transport of Police Dogs (K9) Injured in the Line of Duty01/01/2019
B-010Tourniquets: Indications and Procedure10/01/2017
B-03012-Lead EKG Placement Procedure10/01/2009
B-035DuoDote Antidote Autoinjector04/01/2017
B-040aAutomatic Chest Compression Device - Band Design09/11/2019
B040bAutomatic Chest Compression Device - Plunger Design09/11/2019
B-045Epinephrine Auto Injector (BLS Optional Equipment) 10/01/2017
B-050Administration of Oral Glucose10/01/2009
B-055Glucometer (BLS Optional Equipment)10/01/2017
B-060Imminent Childbirth in the Field10/01/2023

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ALS Procedures

PR                              Title                                                                                                                                             Updated
PR-001Pediatric Assessment Triangle08/19/2019             
PR-002Glasgow Coma Scale (Score) ***CURRENT***04/01/2019
PR-002Glasgow Coma Scale (Score) ***UPCOMING 10/01/2024***04/01/2024
PR-003Estimate of Body Surface Area Burned and Disposition10/01/2023
PR-004APGAR Score04/01/2020
PR-005Airway Management: Tracheostomy Special Situations10/01/2021
PR-010Emergency Access of Pre-Existing Vascular Access Devices (PVAD)04/01/2019
PR-015Amputation Management03/17/2008
PR-020Combitube Placement10/01/2017
PR-025Passive Ventilation Procedure05/25/2018
PR-030Endotracheal Intubation (including ETCO2)04/01/2020
PR-040Pregnancy Emergency Delivery10/01/2023
PR-045Jugular Vein Cannulation - External03/28/2011
PR-060Needle Thoracostomy - Adult/Adolescent03/07/2022
PR-065Needle Thoracostomy - Pediatric01/29/2019
PR-070IM Ketamine ***NEW***04/01/2024
PR-08510% Dextrose Solution Administration10/01/2017
PR-095Synchronized Cardioversion09/02/2014
PR-10512-Lead Electrocardiography09/10/2019
PR-110Transcutaneous Pacing (TCP)04/01/2017
PR-115Intraosseous Infusion10/05/2018
PR-120Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP)01/29/2019
PR-125Intranasal (IN) Transmucosal Medication Administration10/01/2017
PR-126Intranasal (IN) Naloxone Administration Using Syringe and Atomizer Device10/01/2017
PR-130Hydroxocobalamin for Cyanide Toxicity10/05/2018
PR-135Supraglottic Airway Device Placement - Adult/Adolescent10/01/2022
PR-140King Airway04/01/2019
PR-150Administration of Intramuscular Influenza Vaccine10/01/2020
PR-150.10Paramedic Administration of Intramuscular Influenza and/or COVID-19 Vaccine to the Public10/01/2020
PR-210Monitoring Neuromuscular Blockade during Interfacility Transports04/01/2017
PR-215Monitoring Thoracostomy (Chest) Tubes during  Interfacility Transports04/01/2019
PR-220Monitoring Heparin Infusion during Interfacility Transports08/24/2015
PR-225Monitoring Nitroglycerin Infusion during Interfacility Transports08/24/2015
PR-230Preparation and Dosing of Push Dose Epinephrine - Adult/Adolescent ***CURRENT***04/01/2019
PR-230Preparation and Dosing of Push Dose Epinephrine - Adult/Adolescent ***UPCOMING 10/01/2024***04/01/2024
PR-233Monitoring TPA during Interfacility Transports05/10/2018
PR-240Ambulance Transport Ventilator10/01/2019
PR-900State of Emergency - Use of Spacer-Metered Dose Inhaler in Place of Nebulizer for Administration of Albuterol03/19/2020

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