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Juvenile Recovery Court / Collaborative Court

Juvenile Court Specialized Services

Young people who are in the criminal justice system need very specialized help. We offer a variety of services, with a special focus on youth dealing with substance use and mental health challenges. Our services are accessible during regular business hours, 7:30/8AM to 5 PM, Monday through Friday.

Juvenile Recovery Court /Collaborative Court

Designed for juveniles who have been referred to court for substance use offenses. Children and Youth Behavioral Health (CYBH) staff provide assessments for mental health and substance use disorders and then offer individual, collateral, and group therapy as part of treatment. This program is a collaboration among CYBH, Probation, the Collaborative Court Full Service Partnership and the Juvenile Court. Services are available in English, Spanish, and Vietnamese

Clinical Evaluation and Guidance Unit / Probation (Juvenal Hall)

Designed for incarcerated youth, Children and Youth Behavioral Health County staff provide assessment and treatment services. Supports are available for incarcerated youth in Juvenile Hall, the Youth Guidance Center, the Joplin Youth Center, and the Youth Leadership Academy. Services are provided in English, Spanish, and Vietnamese

Youth Reporting Center (Probation)

An alternative to incarceration, the Children and Youth Behavioral Health Central provides school and behavioral health services for youth assigned to probation in the community, who have also been assigned to the program. The program is a collaboration with the Probation

Department and the Orange County Department of Education. Services are available in English and Spanish