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Behavioral Health Equity Committee

The Health Care Agency - Behavioral Health Services formed the Cultural Competency Committee (now called the Behavioral Health Equity Committee or (BHEC)) in 2016, which includes members from the community and county that also represent or serve persons from the diverse ethnic and cultural groups in Orange County. The Behavioral Health Equity Committee's overarching goal is to promote of behavioral health equity for unserved and underserved racial and ethnic communities, as well as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, questioning/queer and intersex (LGBTQI), Veterans, Deaf and Hard of Hearing and other cultural groups. The BHEC Steering Committee and workgroup meetings are held monthly, and the public meetings are held quarterly.

Behavioral Health Equity Committee

  1. Governing Structure

BHEC Steering Committee Meeting Agenda and Minutes

  • February 2024                  Agenda | Minutes 
  • January 2024                     Agenda | Minutes 

  • December 2023    BHEC Retreat in place of BHEC SC Meeting
  • November 2023    MHSA PAC meeting in place of BHEC SC Meeting
  • October 2023         Agenda | Minutes
  • September 2023   Agenda | Minutes
  • August 2023            Agenda | Minutes
  • July 2023                   Equity Summit - Santa Barbara County Department of Behavioral Wellness 
  • June 2023                  Be Well Quarterly Coalition Meeting  
  • May 2023                   Agenda Minutes 
  • April 2023                  Agenda Minutes 
  • March 2023              Be Well Quarterly Coalition Meeting in place of BHEC SC Meeting
  • February 2023        Agenda | Minutes 
  • January 2023           Agenda | Minutes 

BHEC Public Meeting Agenda and Minutes