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The School-Based Behavioral Health Interventions and Support (SBBHIS) program provides a combination of prevention and early intervention services designed to empower families, reduce risk factors, build resilience and strengthen culturally appropriate coping skills in at-risk students and families. Services are provided in elementary, middle and high school classrooms and/or group settings in school districts identified as having the highest rates of behavioral issues based on the California Healthy Kids Survey (CHKS), Academic Performance Index (API) scores and/or suspension and expulsion data as reported by school districts.


School Based Behavioral Health Intervention and Support provides services and curriculum for students and their families for the purpose of preventing and/or interrupting the onset or progression of behavioral health conditions, negative social behaviors, and emotional distress in youth exhibiting early signs of problem behaviors. Services will be delivered to elementary, middle and high schools in school districts that have the highest indicators of behavioral issues, including dropout rates, expulsion, and suspensions. Curriculum will be implemented at the classroom level for all students to explore a positive approach to the school environment. More intensive curriculum will be implemented for students and families based on assessed need.