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Wellness Promotion & Prevention

We strive to prevent the development of serious emotional or behavioral disorders or mental health conditions in at-risk individuals. These programs achieve this through large-scale, population-based efforts designed to educate and inform the public about mental health and well-being, reduce risk factors or stressors, build protective factors and skills, and/or increase resilience.  They aim to strengthen the resilience and well-being of a community as a whole by providing information, training and skill-building around mental health. The programs often use creative and culturally appropriate strategies for engaging different populations, especially unserved and underserved communities. 

Community planning identified that, should the demand or opportunities for awareness campaigns and educational/ training efforts outpaces proposed budgets, impacted programs may have their funding augmented midyear, pending availability of funds.

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Includes a wide variety of services targeting all age groups including early intervention, prevention, Veteran and training programs. Related services include parenting education and supportive services, telephone-based supportive services, and school-based programs designed to create a system of first-help. They have been especially effective in reaching out to more diverse racial and ethnic communities. This category also includes statewide efforts to prevent suicide and reduce stigma and discrimination related to mental illness as well as efforts to improve student mental health.