Behavioral Health Training Services

The Behavioral Health Training Services works to address occupational community-based shortages in the public mental health system. The Behavioral Health Training Services component of MHSA is focused on training staff members with the necessary skill sets to provide services in accordance with MHSA principals, offering education and training that promote wellness, recovery, and resilience to county staff and that of contracting community partners.

Skill building and education are also being provided to prepare and encourage the employment of mental health consumers and family members within the behavioral health system. Effort is also focused on developing and maintaining a culturally responsive bicultural/bilingual workforce.

training Behavioral Health Services Training Activities

Much trainings administered through Behavioral Health Training Services for behavioral health professionals are designed to meet requirements for Continuing Education and Continuing Medical Education credits. The Continuing Education Online program is intended for convenient access to some of the behavioral health trainings conducted by Behavioral Health Training Services. For more information, please contact the Behavioral Health Training Services Office at (714) 667-5600.

List of Providers:

  • Crisis Intervention Training (CIT)
    CIT provides behavioral health training for law enforcement officers and public safety officers to increase their competence in handling emergency situations involving persons with mental illness. The training will enable them to recognize the signs and symptoms of mental illness and to respond effectively and appropriately to people who are experiencing a psychiatric crisis to minimize harm.
  • Recovering Education Institute (REI)
    REI serves adult participants, eighteen (18) years of age and older and currently receiving services with OCHCA's behavioral health system and their family members. REI provides trainings on basic life skills, career management and academic preparedness; also offers certificate programs to solidify the personal and academic skills necessary to work in mental health field.

Community Health Training

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