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Orange County Friday Night Live Partnership (OCFNLP) - Orange County Department of Education teens

With the focus on positive and healthy youth development, Friday Night Live engages youth as active leaders and resources in their communities. Staff provides support and training designed to build the leadership skills of young people, enabling them to design and implement prevention projects at their schools and in their communities. The OCFNLP works together with students attending public, alternative and continuation schools, and with young people in community, faith-based, and youth-serving organizations. For more information on these services, call (714) 966-4387.

Community Service Programs, Inc. — Positive Action Towards Health (CSP/PATH)

  • Faith-based AOD Prevention Project
    The mission of CSP/PATH’s Faith-Based Alcohol and Other Drug prevention project is to build the capacity of faith-based organizations to provide youth-focused alcohol and other drug prevention services. The project focuses on building protective factors in youth that counter or buffer the risks of alcohol and other drug use. Project staff provides education, training and technical assistance to Orange County faith-based organizations. For additional information on these activities, call (949) 757-1096.

Community College Initiative

  • ADEPT’s Community Colleges Initiative (CCi) strengthens regional alcohol prevention through partnerships with directors/coordinators of student health and wellness centers, campus faculty and administrators, Associated Student Government and local community agencies. Staff improve access to and integration of prevention strategies, tools and messages and provide opportunities for professional development. An electronic newsletter, the CCi ENews, is also published.

Youth Development — Red Ribbon Week