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Strategy & Special Projects

Provides public guardianship in Orange County as well as ensures organizational operations and outcomes align with the Agency’s mission, vision and goals through strategic planning, accurate research and data reporting, effective project management strategies and efficient business processes

  • Office of Project Management and Quality Improvement: Charged with advancing the mission of the HCA through effective use of project management and quality improvement methods. The team advances the use of data to help shape and inform system change efforts, including internal performance improvement efforts and collaboration with public and private community partners.
  • Office of the Public GuardianAuthorized by California statute to provide LPS (Lanterman-Petris-Short) conservatorship and Probate conservatorship. The office oversees the care of individuals who are no longer able to make decisions or care for themselves due to cognitive impairments or a grave disability.
  • Research: Analyzes and maps data through a variety of research activities that supports the development and dissemination of key information about the critical health and wellness of Orange County.