Housing and Supportive Services

What is an Adult Residential Care Facility?

An adult residential care facility, (sometimes called a "board and care" home), is licensed by the State of California Department of Social Services, Community Care and Licensing. These facilities provide care and supervision to adults, ages 18 to 59, who have a mental illness. All residential care facilities are privately owned and operated businesses, and are not maintained or regulated by the County of Orange. Admission to a facility is at the discretion of the operator and manager of each facility. The material contained in these pages is for information only, and should not be understood as endorsing or recommending any particular facility. Residents are given assistance and monitoring in taking medication, scheduling treatment appointments, transportation, and performing daily living skills, such as grooming and hygiene. There are about 32 licensed residential care facilities in Orange County serving adult consumers with severe and persistent mental illness. Adult Mental Health Outpatient Services can assist individuals to locate vacancies and access residential care homes.

Adult Residential Care Facilities

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Name of Facility Street Address City Beds Type
Alena's Guest Home 1242 No. Lewellyn Anaheim 6 Male
Anaheim Guest Home 127 W. Hill Place Anaheim 40 co-ed
Beaconlight 1687 Beacon Avenue Anaheim 6 Female
D'Woodshire Guest Home 1435 Rosewood Avenue Anaheim 6 Female
Lullaby Lane Guest Home 1955 W. Lullaby Lane Anaheim 4 Female
Promises Guest Village 1315 S. Anaheim Blvd. Anaheim 40 co-ed
Quality Care Plus 1652 W. Broadway Anaheim 80 Co-ed
Stanford Homes - Anaheim #1 328 N. Vine Street Anaheim 15 co-ed
State College Center Care 1941 E. Center Street Anaheim 40 co-ed
Chapman Board and Care 10811 Chapman Avenue Garden Grove 49 co-ed
Dale Board & Care Home 8562 Davmor Avenue Garden Grove 6 co-ed
EMR Guest Home 11892 Gary Street Garden Grove 6 Male
Missy's Guest Home 9531 Bixby Avenue Garden Grove 6 Female
Prime Care Manor 8592 Lampson Ave. Garden Grove 26 co-ed
Leisure Court Village 18861 E. Vine St. Orange 6 co-ed
Leisure Tower #1 1305 E. Chapman Orange 40 Male
Richland Guest Village 1031 W. Richland Avenue Santa Ana 18 co-ed
Tustin Villageway #2 1020 Shawnee Drive Santa Ana 6 Male