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HIV Planning and Coordination

HIV Planning and Coordination (HIVPAC)

The HIV Planning and Coordination Unit coordinates HIV prevention and care services in the County of Orange. HIVPAC receives Federal and State HIV grants and subcontracts the funds to various organizations in the County. HIVPAC’s mission is to prevent the transmission of HIV, to encourage early intervention for those who are aware of their HIV status, and to ensure that persons living with HIV have access to needed health care and services. HIVPAC is the Grant Recipient of the Ryan White Part A funding and works with the Orange County HIV Planning Council to ensure that needed services are available to persons living with HIV. HIVPAC also coordinates housing and support services using Housing Opportunities for Persons with AID (HOPWA) funds, which is administered by the City of Anaheim.  For more information about HOPWA programs in Orange County, please refer to the Overview of Orange County HOPWA Programs for FY18-19.

For more information about the HIV Planning Council, please visit

For more information about eligibility requirements, HIV services, and agency information, please refer to the HIV Client Handbook.

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Matilde Gonzalez-Flores,
Program Manager

(714) 834-8798

Mindy He,
Grants Manager

(714) 834-8063

Marlon-Ray Velasco,
Program Supervisor

(714) 834-8426

Tara Buehring,
Program Supervisor
(714) 834-3286

James Williams,
Research Analyst
(714) 834-8031

Diane Pinto,
 Staff Specialist

(714) 834-8335

Martha Garcia, 
 HIV Planning Council Support

(714) 834-8399

Lilia Santana,
Office Assistant

(714) 834-8711

Staff Specialist



Kristin Alix,
Quality Improvement Specialist 

(714) 834-8125

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