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EMT Accreditation


Orange County Ambulance Driver/Attendant License 

To be eligible for license to practice in Orange County, the EMT must meet all of the following:

  • Possess a valid, current State of California EMT certificate
  • Not be precluded from accreditation to practice as an EMT for reasons defined in Section 1798.200 of the Health and Safety Code
  • Attend an OCEMS Approved EMT ambulance driver/attendant license course made up of the OCEMS EMT expanded scope of practice
  • EMT’s applying for local licensure must complete requirements per OCEMS Policy #415.00 OCEMS Ambulance Driver/Attendant License to Practice- EMT.



Online Licensing

Orange County EMS provides applications for each of the licensing levels through our online licensing system which is available 24 hours per day 7 days a week at:


OCEMS Online Licensing System





    • OCEMS Policy #415.00: Orange County Ambulance Driver/Attendant License
    • OCEMS Policy #315.00: Scope of Practice – OCEMS EMT Accredited
    • OCEMS Policy #315.00 Attachment II: FIELD REFERENCE GUIDE
    • OCEMS Policy #470.00: Fees, Certification and Licensing