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***OCEMS Does not offer on-site / in-person appointments for EMT Certification / Licensing***

***The entire EMT application process can be completed online*** 

***Any questions may be directed to the EMS Licensing Desk at***

Online Licensing

Orange County EMS provides applications for each of the licensing levels through our online licensing system which is available 24 hours per day 7 days a week at:

OCEMS Online Licensing System

EMT Certification

  • EMT State Certification - The State of California EMT License level that allows you to practice at the level of EMT anywhere in California

Orange County Ambulance Driver/Attendant License (Formerly Orange County EMT Accreditation)

  • Orange County Ambulance Driver/Attendant License- The mandatory local license for all EMT’s working in Orange County.

Do I Need Both?

If you work as an EMT in Orange County, you need to have both- the State EMT Certification and the Orange County Ambulance Driver/Attendant License.

Licensing Information Desk

Do not contact the office to check on the status of your application.
You will be notified by the email address on file if there are any issues with your application or when the application has been approved or denied.
For other questions please Contact: