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EMT Certification


California State EMT Certification 

To be eligible for accreditation to practice in Orange County, the EMT must meet all of the following:

  • Not be precluded from accreditation to practice as an EMT for reasons defined in Section 1798.200 of the Health and Safety Code
  • Complete the initial or re-certification requirements per OCEMS Policy #410.00 Emergency Medical Technician Certification and Recertification


Initial Certification Requirements

Re-Certification Requirements

Meet State EMT Initial Certification requirements per OCEMS Policy #410.00
Complete LiveScan for OCEMS
Complete the EMT Initial Certification Application


Possess a valid, current State of California EMT certificate
Meet State EMT Re-Certification requirements per OCEMS Policy #410.00
Complete the EMT Re-Certification application


If you are recertifying, and changing your certifying entity at the same time (for example using OCEMS instead of LA County EMS), you must complete the EMT Initial Certification application, along with a new LiveScan for OCEMS.



Online Licensing

Orange County EMS provides applications for each of the licensing levels through our online licensing system which is available 24 hours per day 7 days a week at:

OCEMS Online Licensing System

As a condition of EMT Certification, the EMT shall notify Orange County EMS within thirty (30) calendar days of any and all changes of the EMT’s mailing address. (CCR Title 22, Division 9 Chapter 2)