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UST FAQ - Plan Check and Repairs

A “plan check” will need to be submitted to Environmental Health (CUPA). The plan check must include:

  • UST Facility Modification Application (FMA)
  • Payment of the appropriate fee
  • Four (4) copies of a detailed scope of work (including product information)
  • Four (4) copies of the facility diagram showing the location of the work to be done
  • Additional documentation may be required

The assigned inspector will review the plan, verify contractor credentials, stamp the plans (if approved), keep one set for Environmental Health (CUPA) use, and notify the contact person (whom you have chosen) that the plans have been approved and are ready to be picked up. The plans should then be taken to other designated agencies, such as the local fire department, planning department, etc., for approval. The extent of work to be done and the location of the facility will dictate which agencies will require approval.

For specific requirements of the plan check process, contact the assigned inspector.

Click here for the complete list of inspectors.

Click here for the UST modifications guidance document.

Unfortunately, the CUPA staff is unable to make recommendations for contractors or designated operators.