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For Providers: Cessation Resources for Clients

Helpful cessation information and resources for providers to share with clients.

Cessation Referral Form

  Use this cessation referral form to refer your clients to tobacco cessation services.

Cessation Brochure

  Brochure on free cessation services in Orange County. The brochure is available in multiple languages:

 Download Cessation Brochure - English

 Download Cessation Brochure - Spanish
 Download Cessation Brochure - Vietnamese
 Download Cessation Brochure - Korean
 Download Cessation Brochure - Farsi

Quit Smoking Toolkit for Homeless-Serving Organizations

  A guide for homeless-serving organizations to help homeless clients quit smoking. Find information, resources, and a referral form inside the toolkit.


Tobacco Cessation Services for Homeless Community Brochure

  Brochure on free tobacco cessation services that are available for the homeless community.


Tobacco Cessation Toolkit: A Guide for Behavioral Health Services (BHS) Programs

BH Cessation Toolkit Image Small

This toolkit contains key resources and practical tools to help BHS programs improve how they address tobacco use with their clients, including: Motivational interviewing techniques for asking about tobacco use, free resources to refer clients to, and information on how to bill Medi-Cal for screening and referral.

Download Toolkit - English
Download Toolkit - Spanish

Supporting Clients’ Health with Quit Smoking/Vaping Resources - Video

Clinicians can double the odds a client will successfully quit smoking/vaping by asking, advising, and referring them to services.

Join us for a free 30-minute virtual session and learn:

  • How to refer clients to free cessation services
  • How to use the new Tobacco Cessation Toolkit
  • Where to find additional resources to support your clients’ quit attempt

How to Start Conversations About Quitting Tobacco

Learn ways to talk with clients about quitting smoking/vaping.  Sign-up and watch TUPP’s free 30-minute recorded workshop and learn:

  • How to start the conversation around tobacco use
  • How to talk about quitting
  • Ways to use trauma-informed care in cessation

Last Page Revision: October 19, 2021