About Downloading Files

The County of Orange Health Care Agency has several types of documents available for download on this site. Below you'll find a brief description and icon associated with each file type. If you are not capable of viewing a specific file on this site please download the appropriate plug-in or application from the selection below.

icon - PDF application download

Adobe® Reader® is free software from Adobe® that lets you view and print PDF files.
Adobe Acrobat Reader 6.0 or higher is required to view and print PDF files available for download on this site.

icon - Flash player download

Adobe Flash is required to view files containing Flash animation on this site. In most cases the
Adobe Flash Player is already installed on you computer. If an upgrade is necessary, you're computer will prompt you before installing the upgrade. More information on the Flash Player is available from the Adobe Web Site.

Icon - Download iTunes software for Podcasts

Download Apple Quicktime with iTunes software, for Windows or Apple based computers, to play audio and video files. Podcasting is a way to receive audio or video files over the Internet. Many content providers, including HCA, offer podcast feeds at no cost. These feeds deliver audio or video broadcasts to your computer. You can listen to these files on your computer or load them on your video/MP3 player and take them with you.

Icon - Download Windows Media Player

Windows Media Player is a free software media player used for playing audio and video on personal computers running Microsoft Windows and in most cases comes pre-installed. The basic file formats are WMV (Windows Media Video & Audio), WMA (Windows Media Audio), and ASF (Audio Structured File).

Icon - Download Quicktime software

QuickTime is a multimedia technology developed by Apple Computer, capable of handling various formats of digital video, sound, text, animation, music, and immersive virtual reality panoramic images. Note: HCA employees may have difficulty using Quicktime with Internet Explorer. The Firefox or Safari Web browser should be used instead.

Icon - Download Firefox browser

Mozilla Firefox is a free, cross-platform, graphical web browser developed by the Mozilla Foundation and an alternative to using Microsoft Internet Explorer or Apple's Safari Web browser.

icon - Word Viewer download

Microsoft Word Viewer is available for download from the Microsoft Web Site. Microsoft Word is required to view DOC & DOT files available on this site.

icon - Excel Viewer download

Microsoft Excel Viewer is available for download from the Microsoft Web Site. Microsoft Excel is required to view XLS & CRV files available on this site.

Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer is available for download from the Microsoft Web Site. Microsoft PowerPoint is required to view PPT files available on this site.

icon - ADA compliant information

Americans with Disabilities Act or ADA pages are easily accessible text versions of existing pages or documents within our site. Because of the complex nature of some documents on this site, not all information has been provided in a text format. If you require more information than is available, please contact us at (714) 834-3166 for assistance.