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Housing & Shelter Programs

Yale Navigation Center

The Yale Transitional Center is intended to provide shelter, meals, sanitary facilities and access to case management, employment and housing assistance, healthcare, mental health services and substance abuse treatment among other supportive services and assistance to individuals experiencing homelessness. The program will serve up to 425 individuals experiencing homelessness currently accessing shelter and supportive services at the Courtyard Transitional Center in Santa Ana. Providing emergency shelter and access to wrap around supportive services will assist individuals experiencing homelessness in the Central Service Planning Area in accessing the appropriate resources to improve their overall health and stability. Establishing the Yale Transitional Center will meet a critical need for individuals experiencing homelessness as well as the broader community, while also addressing a pressing social issue that is deeply affecting local businesses and neighborhoods. The overall purpose of the program is to connect individuals experiencing homelessness to supportive services and to achieve permanent housing and self-sufficiency.

Bridges at Kraemer Place

Bridge Housing for the Homeless offers interim housing for adults who have received a certificate from the Orange County Housing Authority for the Continuum of Care (CoC) Program but have been unsuccessful at finding a rental unit. The program also serves adults experiencing homelessness who have not yet received a certificate but are beginning the process. Adults (including couples) are eligible if they are homeless, are living with a serious mental illness, and may have a co-occurring substance use disorder. Referrals for the Homeless Bridge Housing Services are accepted on an ongoing basis by Adult and Older Adult Behavioral Health (AOABH) Housing and Supportive Services. Participants can only be referred to the Homeless Bridge Housing Services if they are actively participating in treatment at an AOABH outpatient clinic. 

Cold Weather Emergency Shelter 

Year-Round Emergency Shelter (formerly called Short-Term Housing Services) serves adults experiencing homelessness with serious mental illness who may also have a co-occurring substance use disorder and are in need of immediate shelter. Individuals referred to the program are actively participating in services at an Adult and Older Adult Behavioral Health County or County-contracted outpatient clinic, PACT or Assembly Bill (AB) 109 program.