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CD HEALTH ALERT: Monkeypox (MPX) in Orange County Updated Guidance on Exposures

On November 17, 2022, the CDC released Health Update, Managing Monkeypox in Patients Receiving Therapeutics . While cases rates have declined, new cases continue to be identified, including persons experiencing serious disease. Two cases of laboratory-confirmed tecovirimat resistance have been identified nationally; these were both in individuals with immunocompromising conditions with severe manifestations of MPX who were treated with prolonged (>14days) courses of tecovirimat. The CDC guidance highlights that cidofovir, brincidofovir, and vaccinia immune globulin intravenous (VIGIV) each can be administered concurrently with tecovirimat for certain patients with (or at high risk for) severe monkeypox. Providers should continue to test for MPX as well as HIV and sexually transmitted infection in every sexually active person with suspected MPX.